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The Information Technology department provides several web tools and applications for ELAC employees and students. Our Web applications are mainly running on Windows Advanced Server, and provide numerous services to the college. We have web portals like the Administrative Portal to allow campus-wide and department-wide collaboration. Our Academic Portal allows faculty and students to collaborate and communicate through the internet. We also allocate server space for faculty members to host their course material sites. The College is also using OmniUpdate to maintain the departmental websites. If you have any questions regarding the web services provided by the Information Technology department please contact us.
  • East Los Angeles College Website
    The College website is using OmniUpdate as their content management tool. Departments or programs that don't have a website can request to have an ELAC theme template created. Departments are responsible for providing their content and materials, while the Information Technology department will provide the technical aspect of getting the website up and running. If you would like to have a website please contact the Information Technology department. Note: All ELAC website need to be 508 Compliant.

  • Faculty Websites
    Faculty are allocated server space to upload their instructional websites to our ELAC Server. Faculty members are required to get the approval of their Chair before they can proceed with the development and uploading of their Course website. Note: All ELAC website need to be 508 Compliant.

  • Student Club Websites
    Student Clubs are also allocated space on our Server for web hosting, however the Club President must collaborate and get the approval of the Program head before any publishing can be done. Note: All ELAC website need to be 508 Compliant.

  • Website Updates
    The Information Technology department also provides the service of updating websites to departments. Departments can make a request to have their materials updated, but going to the and fill out a work order. Note: All ELAC website need to be 508 Compliant and grammatically correct.

  • Administrative Portal
    This portal brings new and exciting technology including master calendars, document libraries, meeting places, threaded discussions, committees and department portal site and much more. Note: portal has a public and intranet interface, you can log into the Admin Portal either on campus or at home. (Requires authentication on some sites)

  • Academic Portal Site
    The Academic Portal Site is a flexible online course teaching system that will allow instructors the ability to teach theirs courses online. The Academic Portal offers several tools, features, and functions that will allow instructors and students an efficient way of teaching and learning in the modern age. (Requires ACE Account authentication)

  • WebCast and Streaming Videos
    The Information Technology department has provided the college with a few video systems to broadcast video and stream live media. These systems range from the Integrated Network Video (Starbak), MAC Streaming Server, Broadcom security cameras to stream our construction footage live (Place construction link here).

  • Web Security
    ELAC students are ensured that their information is securely protected when logging into our web applications. Secure Socket Layers are installed on our server to encrypt the username and password information when the student login online.

  • Etudes Course Management System
    Please refer to Distance Education website and contact information located here.
IT Announcements
Welcome to the newly designed IT Website. Please browse around the website to learn more about the technology that has been implemented within recent years. We have normalized the new website navigation on the left hand side to make it easier for you to find your technological needs. Also, please refer to our FAQ page as well.