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Academic Computing Services - iMedia

Starbak System

  • Video Portal: A complete, easy-to-use, web-based environment that acts as a single destination for viewers, publishers and network administrators, and simplifies all of the workflows for creating and publishing video.
  • Video Capture: The tools and software necessary to capture video from any source and publish it to the V3 video portal; includes the patented StarBak technology that easily converts any standard videoconferencing endpoint into a "streaming studio" for webcasting live messages and synchronizing with PowerPoint presentations, or recording video for on demand replay.
  • Video Delivery: A distributed network of streaming servers that intelligently routes video across LANs and WANs to guarantee a high-quality viewing experience, while efficiently using available bandwidth.
IT Announcements
Welcome to the newly designed IT Website. Please browse around the website to learn more about the technology that has been implemented within recent years. We have normalized the new website navigation on the left hand side to make it easier for you to find your technological needs. Also, please refer to our FAQ page as well.