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Letter from the President

Dr. Tyree Wieder - President Dear East Los Angeles College Graduates, Families and Friends,

A GRADUATION CEREMONY IS THE PERFECT time to celebrate the achievement of an important personal goal. You may have enrolled at East Los Angeles College to prepare to transfer to the university, begin a career, improve your job prospects, or grow personally. Whatever the reason you started your education at ELAC, today you are better prepared to face the future..

Now is the time to confidently take the next step. When you have doubts or questions, remember the encouragement you received from your ELAC professors. Use the skills and logic you have learned on our campus to solve life's problems. Build on the accomplishments you have experienced at ELAC and use them to take the next steps in your education, your career and life!

Become an ambassador who promotes education. Encourage others to use education to build a positive future. Support friends and family members who dream of attending college. If you are a parent, become a role model who inspires the next generation to use learning as the key to unlock a better future.

Return often and enjoy ELAC as an alumnus. We are proud of you and want to hear from you. Contact your favorite professors and tell them about your success at a university or on the job. Return and speak to ELAC students about your careers. Visit and watch our campus grow and flourish. Join our alumni association and always remember, you are a member of the ELAC family.

"Start at ELAC" is the invitation we give to people before they enroll. Graduation is the celebration that signifies you are ready to "go anywhere." I urge you to keep East Los Angeles College as a part of your life so we can continue to celebrate your success.


Tyree Wieder, Ed.D.
Interim President
East Los Angeles College

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