Image Header of East Los Angeles College - Commencement 2013
East Los Angeles College - Administration

Marvin Martinez, College President
Laura M. Ramirez, Vice President of Workforce Education and Economic Development
Dr. Richard Moyer, Vice President of Academic Affairs
Oscar Valeriano, Vice President of Student Services/Special Programs
De Ocampo, Erlinda N, Acting Vice President of Administrative Services

Los Angeles Community College - Board of Trustees

Miguel Santiago, President (Seat No. 7)

Scott J. Svonkin, Vice President (Seat No. 5) - Send e-mail

Mike Eng (Seat No. 2) 

Mona Field (Seat No. 1)

Ernest H. Moreno (Seat No. 4)

Nancy Pearlman (Seat No. 6)

Steve Veres (Seat No. 3)

Michael J. Griggs, Student Trustee


District Administration

Dr. Adriana D. Barrera, Interim Chancellor
Deputy Chancellor (Vacant)
Bobbi Kimble, Interim Vice Chancellor for Educational Programs and Institutional Effectivess
Felicito Cajayon, Vice Chancellor for Economic and Workforce Development Thomas Hall, Interim Executive Director, Facilities Planning and Development
Camille A. Goulet, General Counsel
Jeanette Gordon, Chief Financial Officer Treasurer
Dr. Albert J. Roman, Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
James D. O'Reilly, Chief Facilities Execute

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